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Heyy!!! My name is Erin, Airbear, or IVY. You can call me whatever you want, just be creative. That's what this website is for anyways right?
My besties are Bothicasi311, OnyxInk, Jujubear (my nickname for Julia, so close that we are practically sisters.), JADE!!! (lol shes sitting right next to me.) and my Twinz (Julian and Kobe.)
I am now officially 15 and a Sophomore. TADA!!!
I am a total supporter of LGBTQ! And i am straight. :)  I love music, i am a total extreme rocker!! >.<
Single, but i think i might be in a relationship with my music. SIKE!!
So, don't get me wrong, i like school it's just that i would prefer to hang with my besties instead of sitting in a class for 49 minutes doing work. 
Chat me up sometime, i would love to hear from you! Even if i don't know you!! Just don't be pervy. 
SOOOO!!!!  I think that sums up everything i have to say. 
Oh, if you want me to read your stories leave a link below and i'll try my best to read all of them.

♂ + ♂ = ♥
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♀ + ♂ = ♥

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█████ 40% Random

██████ 50% Goofy

███████ 60% Procrastinator

████████ 70% Wild

█████████ 80% Unsure

██████████ 90% HYPER

███████████ 100% Completely me.........


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