The name's Sarah. I'm a procrastinator and an artist. 

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Alyssa's Tail: Book One. [A Mermaid Story]

Social data: 102K reads. 1.3K votes. 190 comments.

Description: Alyssa Harper had a somewhat terrifying experience after walking the beach one night and finding a stone. Now, 6 years later, she has been working to cover a monumental secret: She grows at a tail on contact with water. After learning surfing is a u...

xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on Omertà - 12) Fun

                        “I punish them,” he growled, and then ripped my panties off in one fluid motion, stuffing them roughly into my mouth. I gagged on the fabric between...
Zoowee mama
xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on Omertà - 12) Fun

                        I stumbled back and literally did a partial summersault over the back of my couch, falling ungracefully to the ground and hitting my head. I slowly got b...
"Like a mountain goat"
xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on Omertà - 9) Animal

        “I know, I know.” Ferro shut his eyes, hanging his head in shame. “Scarlett—“ I grabbed Ferro by the d!ck. He inhaled sharply, sobbering up, locking his free hand, the one t...
xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on Omertà - 5) Tease Me

He pulled towards him with one hand.  “Listen to me closely,” he whispered, lips dangerously close to mine. “If you misbehave, I’ll fuck you openly in the restaurant and then blow your brain...
0 to 100 in record time
xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on Omertà - 1) My Neighbor Is A Killer

             “Nobody talks to me like that, candy." He startled me with his sudden anger. His knuckles gripped the door frame so tightly they were turning white. "I leave when I want ...
Dude needs to retrieve his chill