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Alyssa's Tail: Book One. [A Mermaid Story]

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Description: Alyssa Harper had a somewhat terrifying experience after walking the beach one night and finding a stone. Now, 6 years later, she has been working to cover a monumental secret: She grows at a tail on contact with water. After learning surfing is a u...

xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on Xavier - 2.

Who was I kidding, the boy needed to learn how to have manners whether he was forced here or not.
^^ exactly
xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on Xavier - 2.

I disliked that boy with a passion. Whoever he was I was sure to give him a punch if he ever spoke to me like that again.
???? He has a right to be mad? A stranger broke into his house, slept in his bed, and refused to leave.
xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on No Capes - Chapter 2 - No Speedos, please

Sharing a lane with him means perpetually wanting to exhaust myself. While I hate losing more than I hate long lines at Georgiano’s, my favorite pizza place, I especially hate losing to Fox. His butt...
As a swimmer, I gotta say...that girl must be at Olympic speed if she can keep up with a seventeen year old, top-tier male swimmer. I mean, by the time we're 17, guys are naturally much, much faster than us girls due to their muscle mass. But maybe Fox just sucks at the fly.
xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on SAVED - Chapter 7

"I told you everything I know! Ty we've gotta do something!" I yelled. I have been pacing his office for the last 2 hours, and all my wolf wants to do is kill something. Ty is my alpha as well as my...
xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on Apollo - 2: Meeting

With speed that I had never seen, the man in front of me, scooped me up and pressed me against the tiled wall. My eyes never once left his own, too caught up in all the lust and emotion that swirled...
0 to 100 real quick
xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on Omerta - 12) Fun

                        “I punish them,” he growled, and then ripped my panties off in one fluid motion, stuffing them roughly into my mouth. I gagged on the fabric between my lips, absolutely stunne...
Zoowee mama
xx_poeticjustice_xx commented on Omerta - 12) Fun

                        I stumbled back and literally did a partial summersault over the back of my couch, falling ungracefully to the ground and hitting my head. I slowly got back up onto my feet, t...
"Like a mountain goat"