Hello! Welcome to my page. c: I like to write and draw.
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So Far Away [Naruto Sequel]

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Description: NOTE: This is the sequel of Great, Stuck In Their World. Three years. That was how long it had been since she wished herself to be in the strange, small ninja world she now called home. Within those three years, she had left with her best friend...

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Killing You, Not So Easily [Naruto Story]

Killing You, Not So Easily [Naruto Story]

4.6K 69 61

Takeda Yuki is an assassin. She is under the orders of Aichi, who has a goal to interfere with the Akats...

Great, Stuck In Their World. ~Naruto Story~

Great, Stuck In Their World. ~Naruto Story~

440K 7.8K 1.6K

Tanaka Naomi and her close friends and family are enjoying normal day life until one day, they're all su...

My eye twitched, "My... Taiyaki!" I cried out, anime-crying the rest of the way back and nodding my head when I needed to, when Tazuna talked.
taiyaki is a japanese fish-shaped cake~pancake-like cake thing, usually filled with red bean paste, custard, chocolate, cheese, and etc.

Sasuke blinked, I smirked in triumph. "I win!" I said while walking off to take a shower. I got a change of clothes, stuff like that. I turned the shower on and took my clothes off, got in the shower...
great detail, so like, erotic/adult-books or what? like, swishing the soap up and down her body and scrubbing her face so hard the skin comes off? wat. xD