Lyle - i taken by Jazz!!!!!! and uhm my BFF is Jazz. She will kick ur ass cx and
Lets see  I hate the word vagina cx it's grOss so uhm hug me and love me!

Dray- S-Single I g-guess 
I get lonely! Love meeeeeee! So I may act innocent and look innocent but I am innocent cx I LOVE GLITTER I'm a faggot ;* bai

Jack- I ish Taken by my love im kinda quiet I'm not doing pot no more or drinking! Yay me cx I love bunnies and cats not dogs tho I hate dem well bye cuties

Cedi=Taken and in love with Alex <3

Anthy-gay ass mofo who like glitter unicorns and being adorable and I also fucking love da penis not da vagina. Uhm I'm colourblind cx. Pink or Blue wiff orange? Idk cx

Jessie!!! I'm da background and as it says LOVE ME!!!! I will love you back I promise!!!!! Unless your mean!!! Lemme see I just turned legal age uhm I can vote now!!!! I'm 5'4 biatches!! My ass is to die for!!! Bai bai now btw I'm single boys c;

Kirten- MY NAME ISH JESSIE AND IM DOING MY BABY BROTHERS BIO!!! He is shy and adorkable. Were not blood related but were close enough! Hurt him I hurt chu!!! He is a fucking sucker for gummy bears. Lil shit likes to bite. HE ANIT INOCCENT!!! I got him a bear that is bigger then him cx he is 4'11 fucking adorable and he is single BUT DONT TOUCH HIM!!!! He's my baby brother!!!!! 

Hai I'm Terri IMMA DAMN BOY.
I'm 15 ^.^ my ass is something you all wish you had bitches!!!! Taken!! By Seven! @Emo_group 

Hey I'm Pai Imma boy to uhm 16
I love to read a lot c: I'm taken ^.^ by @xMe_And_Youx Aaron my Pika cutie <3 Love him su much ^.^ Dont touch my pika!!!!!

Hai I'm Ginger. DATS A BOYS NAMEEE. *huffs pouting* I wear lipstick and I'll fuck your bitch~wise words of jeffree star. But Imma bottom biatch bitches. BITCHY BITCH BITCH HOOPLA!

Hey I'm Zero.

The four words to describe me bitches.

Our account was deleted before we sorry-all

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