Lyle -TAKEN BY RICOand uhm
Lets see  I hate the word vagina cx it's grOss so uhm hug me and love me!

Dray- Takenn
I get lonely! Love meeeeeee! So I may act innocent and look innocent but I am innocent cx I LOVE GLITTER I'm a faggot ;* bai

Jack- I ish Taken by my love im kinda quiet I'm not doing pot no more or drinking! Yay me cx I love bunnies and cats not dogs tho I hate dem well bye cuties

Cedi=Taken and in love with Alex <3

Anthy-gay ass mofo who like glitter unicorns and being adorable and I also fucking love da penis not da vagina. Uhm I'm colourblind cx. Pink or Blue wiff orange? Idk cx Single?

Jessie!!!  LOVE ME!!!! I will love you back I promise!!!!! Unless your mean!!! Lemme see I just turned legal age uhm I can vote now!!!! I'm 5'4 biatches!! My ass is to die for!!! Bai bai now btw I'm taken by Levi
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    Sucking your dick c; or your unicorns dick c;
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