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Lyle - i taken by Jazz!!!!!! and uhm my BFF is Jazz. She will kick ur ass cx and
Lets see  I hate the word vagina cx it's grOss so uhm hug me and love me!

Dray- Well I ish TAKEN @We_are_Worthless Vin has my heat ^.^ he to coote
I get lonely! Love meeeeeee! So I may act innocent and look innocent but I am innocent cx I LOVE GLITTER I'm a faggot ;* bai

Jack- I ish single heartbroken and just a whore im kinda quiet I'm not doing pot no more or drinking! Yay me cx I love bunnies and cats not dogs tho I hate dem well bye cuties

Cedi-Heartbroken and forever alone 

Anthy-gay ass mofo who like glitter unicorns and being adorable

Marley-single don't try I always get cheated on......

Ry-I ish taken by Kris I love him and cats and well everything except dolls they are crepppyyyy like really fawking Layla loops  lay are creepy an I hate twilight is amazing and puts up Wiff my shit cx love u baby

Our account was deleted before we sorry-all

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