My name is Cedi haiiiii I like the color pink I have a really shitty past I lost everyone and trust me you would hate me to.idk if I'm taken or not.

Jack: Cedric's brother my bf is in a coma *sighs* I'm depressed I guess me and Cedric share a past with people.

Loran- Tinyyyyy taken by my amazing boyfriend and deeply in love with him. I LOVE YOU BRAYBRAY I adore stuff animals and purple!

Sammie- I'm tiny and sweet and I love you all.

Jackson- Sassy as can be baby and lemme tell you I am on the market but I have my eye on a guy but I'm open to a one night stand c; just don't fall for me I'm a bottom I like it up the butt c; just pm and ask for me [*cough* slut *cough* -Cole]

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    Sucking your dick c; or your unicorns dick c;
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