I love to listen all types of music, i'm open minded, love to read, write, sketch, shop, watching; anime,movies, different variety of tv shows and also love hanging out with friends.
I love to play sports but hate watching them on tv!! weird huh?!
I believe life is boring, so i need some excitement in my life like traveling to all different places.
I hate being bored all the time, i love going to new places and meeting new people.
I'M cynical about relationships, love, blah,blah,blah. I read romance books but that doesn't mean i  would like to fall in love one day.
I HATED reading until 10th grade when i discovered Twilight from my friend before that nobody can get me to pick up a  book. Ever since then i cannot stop reading. eharlequin books are the best in my opinion. i love reading supernatural books except for ghosts and aliens hate books like that with a passion!! i love reading other books too but have to at least have some humor, and romance.
I'M very restless when it's about my future or living in a place for too long, that's why i like to discover new places.
Even though i like to write and sketch i get bored with it easily so i never finished it!!
That's why i never write anything on wattpad, i know i would never finish it and it will not be fair to others if i write something and they enjoy it. So i would rather read and see what others imagination take them.
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