Right, were to begin ...
Well, I love reading and music (though that bit doesn't have anything to do with this) so I thought I might give writing a try as well 

I LOVE the hunger games! I have OHGD - obsessive hunger games disorder..... 
I love ketchup, people always say to me.... do you want any *insert food here* with your ketchup :) 
I love my friends and family! 
I ABSOLUTELY ADORE MUSIC.... Singing, listening to music. But mostly singing :) 
Well im,  mad,random and just overall HYPERLY CRAZY :D  
That's me! (Rougly)
My Stories: 

Welcome to my life... what happened? 

'No-one is the same so don't afraid to be different '
'Be different, normal is boring' 

Oh yea, I'm BRITISH BABY! :) rain rain and more guess what? Sun! No , mostly rain:) 

-Sabi OUT <3 x
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    ENGLAND BABY! (Or District 4!)
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Welcome to my life... How did i become this?!

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Description: Skai, didn't used to be like this... she was perfect... happy.. So what changed that? Follow Skai as she works out why she has become what she is... and why it happened... through her thoughts... is it her life.. or is there something subconsciou...

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