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Name Alexis Evans
Location In my made up Rainbow Unicorn Ninja World
Member Since May 26, 2012
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HeyHiHello People, Aliens, Ninjas etc.

About Me:

~The name is Alexis!!
~SINGLE. Wanna change that?? Hehe.
~I speak spanish and english but, mostly scarsm. 
~Wanna know how cutes I look? Look up there! ^^
~Imma fun sized person. Im only 5 feet.
~I have a tattoo. :X And cant wait to get another one!
~Class of 2015
~Im a tad bit shy.
~Im really scared of thunder. And the dark. ._.
~Your never too old for a Disney Movie.

Anything else you wanna know??
Private Message me. :D


Ask me to read your stories and I promise i'll try! 

"Everyone's life has it's ups and downs. Without them you're dead."

"Smile, Laugh, Have Fun. Even if only for the moment."

I have a another account on here but i wanted to start all over.
Other Account: XxRandomCuti3xX
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Eye Of The Guardian. (-Book 3) completed

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