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my name is shauna and i like to fangirl. one direction enthusiast and fanfic whore.
if you want to get to chatting follow me on tumblr or message me on here!

"small world" is my baby. i have put so much into it and fallen in love with the story, i live vicariously through charlie parker and my story means a lot to me. think about this before you comment. also, every single comment gets replied to because it means so much to me that you give me feedback. its incredible to see the amount of reads that i have, but what i value are the comments and votes.

my NEW small world background is a collection of manips. i didn't make any of them myself, credit to the owners!

my story "small world" is a harry styles fan fiction, and by no means has anything to do with miley cyrus. it is purely a visual! please leave comments or message me on my tumblr if you read. also their point of view is charlies unless stated otherwise.

big love to anyone and everyone who reads "small world". you have a special place in my heart.


small world

small world

54 parts / 218 pages, updated Oct 02, 2013PG-13
Charlotte 'Charlie' Parker suddenly has nobody left in her life after her mother dies and her best friend Louis Tomlinson goes off to London to start on an album with his newl... read more
165,025 reads votes 1,394 comments 1,007
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girl. then you should stop reading, because shit is about to hit the fan.
small world

i share mutual apologies for my wattpad break! thank you so much for being such a faithful reader! xo
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wow thank you so much! please excuse my entirely postponed response, i have fallen out of love with writing, temporarily. when i continue i hope...
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hey there! forgive me for my extremely delayed response. thank you for loving my story as much as i do. xo
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this one was heart wrenching and i put it off long enough! thanks for sticking around love, means so much to always have you around - no matter...
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