Hi Wattpad!

Here are 17 facts you should probably know about me:

1. I am an artist, photographer & aspiring author.

2. I still own a Gameboy color, you know, the little plastic ones with about 4 buttons?

3.I live in Barbados (Think about Rihanna)

4.I really like to collect little trinket things, especially when I go to the beach

5. I hate spinach, but I'll still eat it (insert weird look here)

6.I am deathly afraid of spiders and snakes.

7.Sometimes, boys irk the hell out of me.

8.I am a vegetarian :3 For about 3 years now.

9.I have a little brother... I try to ignore his unstable stupidity at most times. BUT I LOVE HIM!

10.I love Indie music, vintage and rap-- but I love RIHANNA (Who is a genre by herself, trust me) more!

11.Here's a funny story; my nickname is Avalanche because I am habitually, and perpetually accident prone.

12. One day, Alex Pettyfer will realize he needs to marry me :D

13. I am 17 years old

14. Writers block and artist's block are my kryptonite, and I feel like I'm in a netherworld when I can't write or draw, or paint--which usually results in long, dramatic periods where I bang my head on the keyboard/canvas. :(

15. I am deathly allergic to oysters, clams and anything in a shell, but not shrimp. Which I find pretty weird.

16. I'm now in college! WOOP

17. What goes on in my life is a common denominator in my stories. Writing is the way I free myself.
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