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Killjoys, make some noise~

Hi, I'm Danni  >:3

Got any questions about my book Losielette, the characters or the general writing process behind it?  Come hither.

If you click the little house button above, you will be taken to my tumblr. Be warned. It's a place for me to indulge for my love for anime. (Mainly Madoka Magica and Evangelion.)
I'm an eighteen year old Scottish teenager with a knack for swearing and a passion for music and anime.  My favourite band is Florence and the Machine. I don't suggest striking up a conversation about that band to me though because I'll never shut-up. Just trust me when I say the singer's got the most beautiful voice known to man. My other favourite artists are Lana Del Rey and Marina and the diamonds. and of course, the long but not forgotten, My Chemical Romance.

I'm a massive anime/ manga fan, I'm always up for talking about it. My favourites are: Madoka Magica, The Melancholy/Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad, Evangelion, Bakemonogatari, Fruits Basket, Shakugan no Shana, Angel Beats, Attack on Titan, Death Note, and loads more I'm forgetting. 

I don't care what you say. I love Shinji Ikari. But Kaworu is the bae.

As for writing, I still have a lot to learn. My current book, Losielette expresses so much about me I generally get scared about people reading it. I think it tells a lot about me that the characters I'm mostly like are Skylar and Harliquinn. Yep...

In terms of taking reading requests, currently, I do. I'm always up for giving back to my readers. I also do covers. If you want one, pm me.

Random Facts about me:

Pokemon and Digimon are my favourite things ever. I legit cried when in Digimon they had to leave their Digimon behind at the end.

I have a pet magpie  named Ping.

I'm a film and television student.

I own a Gerard Way action figure.

I really do have a pet magpie named Ping.

I was killing before killing was cool.


Enraptured (Previously Rock My World)

Enraptured (Previously Rock My World)

5 parts / 12 pages, updated Jul 29, 2014PG-13
Rogue knew Tyler Hunter was dangerous. She felt it in his aura the night they met; she knew that when her muse for painting expired, he was the one to... read more
627 reads votes 68 comments 102
Losielette And the Boy With The Mechanical Heart

Losielette And the Boy With The Mechanical Heart

54 parts / 259 pages, updated Jul 12, 2014PG-13Pictures
(Books 1 and 2 complete, book 3 IP) Losielette is a quiet girl living in 1924, whose life is comfortable, yet dull. That is, until she's k... read more
163,136 reads votes 3,948 comments 1,331
30 Days Of Writing

30 Days Of Writing

4 parts / 3 pages, updated Jan 29, 2014G
134 reads votes 19 comments 13
Losielette: R Rated Chapter

Losielette: R Rated Chapter

2 parts / 8 pages, updated Sep 28, 2013RCompleted
R Rated outtake from chapter 42 of Losielette.
1,058 reads votes 28 comments 22
Critiques By Lumi

Critiques By Lumi

1 page, updated Sep 16, 2013G
73 reads votes 3 comments 1


2 pages, updated May 25, 2013PG-13
One fallen angel, one sin, and a love so deadly it could plague Heaven and Earth into war.... Meet Incandescent, an angel with an attitude. She's a narcissist, a tyrant, a b... read more
68 reads votes 5 comments 3
A Frozen World

A Frozen World

2 pages, updated Jan 19, 2013GCompleted
A little girl questions all the evil in the world. (short story I wrote for a competition, was maximum 1000 words.)
63 reads votes 8 comments 1
The Vampire's Bride

The Vampire's Bride

3 pages, updated Jan 01, 2013
(Better description in progress.) The prince is facing a dilemma: drink blood for the first time, or die. But his problems only increase when a sweet, beautiful girl... read more
1,684 reads votes 66 comments 63
Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings

3 parts / 1 page, updated Jul 07, 2012PG
A collection of thoughts brought out the weird, dark and sometimes twisted depths of my mind. Everything in this has a hidden meaning; see if you can guess what these poems are about...
969 reads votes 19 comments 7
The Bride In Chains

The Bride In Chains

3 pages, updated Mar 31, 2012PG-13
“This is the marriage ceremony of the Bride in Chains. Since the beginning of time our kinds have been fighting out a war that will never end. Tonight, we let the hatred subside and allow love conquer. Let the sin begin,”
855 reads votes 36 comments 34
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