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Hi, I'm Danni  >:3

Got any questions about my book Losielette, the characters or the general writing process behind it?  Come hither. http://ask.fm/DanniLuff

If you click the little house button above, you will be taken to my tumblr. Be warned. It's a place for me to indulge for my love for anime. (Mainly Madoka Magica and Evangelion.)
I'm an eighteen year old Scottish teenager with a knack for swearing and a passion for music and anime.  My favourite band is Florence and the Machine. I don't suggest striking up a conversation about that band to me though because I'll never shut-up. Just trust me when I say the singer's got the most beautiful voice known to man. My other favourite artists are Lana Del Rey and Marina and the diamonds. and of course, the long but not forgotten, My Chemical Romance.

I'm a massive anime/ manga fan, I'm always up for talking about it. My favourites are: Madoka Magica, The Melancholy/Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad, Evangelion, Bakemonogatari, Fruits Basket, Shakugan no Shana, Angel Beats, Attack on Titan, Death Note, and loads more I'm forgetting. 

I don't care what you say. I love Shinji Ikari. But Kaworu is the bae.

As for writing, I still have a lot to learn. My current book, Losielette expresses so much about me I generally get scared about people reading it. I think it tells a lot about me that the characters I'm mostly like are Skylar and Harliquinn. Yep...

In terms of taking reading requests, currently, I do. I'm always up for giving back to my readers. I also do covers. If you want one, pm me.

Random Facts about me:

Pokemon and Digimon are my favourite things ever. I legit cried when in Digimon they had to leave their Digimon behind at the end.

I have a pet magpie  named Ping.

I'm a film and television student.

I own a Gerard Way action figure.

I really do have a pet magpie named Ping.

I was killing before killing was cool.
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Eeep thank you so much! I'm really excited for the way this story is gonna go. I love werewolf stories but I've never read one told like I wanted it to be, so I thought I'd have a go t writing it myself! Sorry about the typos, I have to use wtattpads spellchecker and it really is awful. Right now Wattpad won't let me edit anything to do with this. Thabnks again!

I'm so sorry for the delay! I ended up having company over.

First of all, I love the opening paragraph. It's difficult for me to explain (lol), but I love how subtle it is. It manages to set up a tone for the whole thing and slowly eases into it, it's intriguing but I'm really impressed by the over all fullness of your writing; there's never even a bit of it lacking on any way what so ever.

The dialogue was the strongest point I think; it allows for a lot of characterisation. Lawrence was a bit of an ass! When I started reading it I thought he was really controlling, layer he started laying his hands on her shoulders and it seemed to me like he could be potentially abusive to her. It's a shame what's happened but I was not getting good vibes from the character.

I'm sorry I actually can't find much to critique... I feel bad, but this was one of the most professional things I've read on here in a long time. It reads like it could be something that could be published. I don't know much about historical fiction, but from what I understand the style of your writing works really well for the genre. I never found myself having any blank spots, there was a enough detail that I couldve been living in it myself.

Also, kudos to you for managing to write a chapter almost entirely of dialogue and keeping it engaging. I got the feelings of strong characterisation from that alone.

Ugh, I'm sorry this critique was so bad! You write really well and I just couldn't find anything to pick on. Really, awesome :)
x_Luminous_x commented on Anonymous Bullies - Chapter One

I really loved the opening sentence. It was a great hook and set up the tone of the story immediately.

The thing I noticed first in your writing was that you very rarely tag your dialogue. In moderation this is fine, but at points I couldn't figure out which character was speaking. Without the description of voice I found that your dialogue suffered because things sounded a little robotic in my head. At one point you said a boy screamed at the start though, and it gave me the implication of him having a panic attack and freaking out, which I'm not sure is what you wanted; it seemed a little out of place in the conversation. On a few instances you tagged your dialogue it was wrong. When you describe voice after dialogue, or are saying who said it, you use a comma. Ie; "Hello," she said. Is correct. "Hello." She said. Is wrong. Wasn't sure of you were aware of this and it was gist a mistake or not. Since about majority percent of this is dialogue I think you could do with adding more voice description and tagging.

Sometimes when you describe new characters it pauses the actual story and makes it feel disjointed. The best way to avoid this is to not automatically go into paragraphs about a new characters look when they are introduced. Weave their description into the natural flow of action in the story. Ie; Her brown hair blew in the wind as she turned to smile at him. This tells us she has long brown hair without breaking away from the actual action.

Bar that I'd say you're pretty fine. My main concern was the dialogue since its so central to this chapter. Try adding more detail about voice and who is speaking to keep it fresh. Well done.