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Writing Contest Stories

Writing Contest Stories

11 parts / 22 pages, updated May 15, 2014PG-13
Just my stories for the writing contests :)
137 reads votes 14 comments 5
Protecting Valentine

Protecting Valentine

18 parts / 50 pages, updated Apr 27, 2014PG-13
After getting attacked and waking up in a motel he's never seen before, Gabriel finds two words that mean absolutely nothing. Cynder Lake. As he delves deeper into wh... read more
421 reads votes 41 comments 174
The "Human" Being

The "Human" Being

15 parts / 36 pages, updated Oct 03, 2012PG-13
A mystery story about Detective Salvador and his partner, Detective Galloway who set out to find a killer who has been going around and murdering innocent civillians! But the main questions is what does he want with vital organs?!
730 reads votes 63 comments 106
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Nice chapter :D
Living Mr. Jenni. (First Dr...

This is so great! Though I think there are some places which could do with some descriptions :3
Living Mr. Jenni. (First Dr...

Wow this is really good! I love your descriptions and style of writing. I would say the pace is a bit fast but I think it fits your story...
Living Mr. Jenni. (First Dr...

Wow awesome prologue. I am so looking forward to reading more!
Living Mr. Jenni. (First Dr...

Emeline and the Forest Mage