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Hmmm where shall we start. Yes we said we. Anyways me(Marla) and my twin sister(Grecia) have decided to join wattpad. We are both seniors of course and we just love to read no matter what it is we are reading. So what else...... oh yeah we have a big family that loves to be crazy together. Seriously if you must know how weird we are I'll give you an example on how we "bond". Everyone gathers around and tell stories about how it was spending a night in jail even my grandpa joins in. Like seriously who does that. Anyways me and my sis love to camp outdoors and fall asleep looking at the stars. We love hanging out with our friends and giving people advice when they need it. We love history and anything with greek and roman mythology. Now some fun facts.

Fave color: any color but brown
Fave book: If it has writing we love it
Fave animal: Wolf and Peacock
Fave sport: Baseball and Soccer
Fave weather: when its cool or warm outside (San Diego weather)
Fave subject: HISTORY
Least fave subject: math and biology
Least fave candy: CHOCALATE

Our lifes wish: Grow wings and fly around the world (and we are really serious people so if you know some people who can make this possible you know where to reach us)


ps: excuse my twin Marla (the one whos been writing all of this) she's not a very sane girl. Mom said she was dropped on her head when we were babies.

HEY I HEARD THAT!!!!!!meanie well technically I read that but you know what I mean anyways whatever. Stop talking to these people we already said bye.


The Guardians of the Dragon Realm

The Guardians of the Dragon Realm

3 parts / 8 pages, updated Jan 26, 2013Pictures
Evernight Wolfe aka Ever is the rightful heir to the Dragon Realm and has a birthmark on her right arm to prove it. Of course no one knows this because t... read more
169 reads votes 5 comments 1
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