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Well helloooo there c;

-Name's Blaze
-Cocky as hell
-Gay,but I flirt with pretty much everyone c;
-16 turning 17 October 31st
-Im single.Wanna change that....?
-Im sexual.Please remember Im 16,so thats fucking normal....xD
-Loud,out going,and fun.Unlike my besties.
-My besties @beautifullyunspoken (<---I love her<3 Such a sweetheart.Im her techinical big brother so,youll get fucked if you mess with her) and @xXxTylerMansonxXx (I get under his skin soo much.LOVE YOU BABE!He loves me,he just wont admit it)
-Call emo,scene,I dont give a fuck xD Im me:3
-As you can tell,I cuss.
-Im not much of a writer.Just a bit.
-I have a sexy as fuck,total British accent c;
-Chat with me,and Ill probably respond.
-Fucking love music.

-Black Veil Brides
-Sleeping With Sirens
-Blood On The Dance Floor
-Bruce Springsteen
-Avenged Sevenfold
-The Beatles

Well thats it.Dont forget to hit me up sometime,kay babe?c;<3


How To Play The Game(BxB)

How To Play The Game(BxB)

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'You played,and you lost.'He stated dangerously.His breath hit me with a wave of mint and smoke.'Wh-What do you mean?'I stuttered,with him being so close to me.He... read more
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