My name is Corey (if you didn't see it up there ^^) and this is about me. duh 
      Im 14 and love to draw. its mostly like graffiti and crap,
      im a skateboarder 
      yes thats me in my profile picture, don't steal it hmm?
      im a hopeless flirt as natalie, my stepsister (@ninjaWolfie) calls me.
      Single ;)
      can defiantly make you laugh! :D
      a long time ago i used to be obsessed with magic, yeah thats right! I was a magician ;D 
      i hate justin beiber and any other little pretty boy bands -.- 
      Favorite bands :D
      Green day
      Asking Alexandria
      lil wayne
      linkin Park
      wiz khalifia
      Awesome people :)
      @ChipAndDale met her on my stepsister's account :P she's crazy and an awesome person to talk too!:) you should fan her! :D
      @ninjaWolfie She's my stepsister, i have lived with her for 8 years O.O...she's really funny and random to talk to she makes your life a whole lot more fun:)
      SO YEAH!! thats me for ya ;)
      I'm out, fan me eh? :D
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