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Some not very interesting facts you should know about me if you are insanely bored and have nothing better to do at the moment-

•I love love love looovvveee LOVE LOVE to read! I swear, I have an addiction... But the good kind where I don't have to go on Intervention. 
•I totally suck at math. (Letters belong to writing, not mathematics...)
•My friends are my life. 
•I once shoved a nacho into my cheek when I was too busy eye raping this hot football player to accurately locate my mouth.  And yea, he saw me do it too.
•I have a deep and meaningful relationship with my iPhone. 
•I totally dig blueberry Pop Tarts... My weakness!
•I've been told many times I'm a flirt but its totally untrue... Mostly.
•If you read this far then I dig you; not in a creepy 'I wanna lick your face' kinda way though... More like 'High Five Time, bro!' 

1 question . 1 honest anwser. You can ask me 1 question (IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE) about anything, no matter how crazy, dirty, publicly indecent, embarrassing or wrong it is. No catch, I will answer, but I dare you to post this on your profile and see what people ask you.

It's a challenge. 
Like your face. 
No, not really. 
More like trying to fit three humungous strawberries in your mouth at once while facetiming.  
Don't try that at home, kiddies!

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