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Name Abby & Larry
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We love to read and do random things. For example:
          If you walk up to some random person you say:
          Do you like tacos?
          Have you slept with a taco before?
          Do you like chili peppers on your tacos?
           If you walk up to some random person and you ask do you like tacos and they respond no I hate them:
          I would say in a very nice tone watch your butt, butt-hole I will Hunt you while eating a taco.
          Psycho much. 
         If that doesn't show how serious I am of tacos. I don't know what will.

So, you see Larry loves her tacos. I love tacos but not as much of her. 

I on the other hand. I like other things. MY world doesn't revolve around tacos. (Larry). 
If you need a person to talk to Leave me a message in the inbox or if I am online don't be afraid to talk to me.


No Secret Can Be Kept Forever

No Secret Can Be Kept Forever

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This is a preview to what were going to put on wattpad please tell us what you think Por-favor. -Larry- TeeHee
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This is good. Voted.
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