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Ello lovlies! :D Yes you reading this ;3 let's get this started shall we? 

Welcome to my life  and the epic, random moments and downfalls all in all that make it great ^~^

I'm Andriana but you can call me Andri :3, 17 and from London...and yes I got the sexy accent darlings.

Taken and perfectly happy :D

Loud, hyper and flirty you've been warned.... *,__,*

*starts singing* LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!! :D ^_-

Nutela, chocolate, nutela is an absolutely amazing thing that everyone should try at least once....tastes like heaven  ^o^

Music, friends and family, cupcakes, Chinese food, alcohol, parties, hot toppic, monster are life...nuff said <3

I like old cartoons like Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Dexter's Lab, Courage the cowardly dog, Johnny Bravo, The Flintstones and so on :3

Disney movies, funny movies, horror or anything by Tim Burton is amazing :D 

Supernatural fan right here *jumps and waves* xD

My bro has an account on here @demonxXxlove  fan him....seriously I shouldn't have to tell you this :3

Awesome people on here:
 @snowashley Amazing chick and awesome sister <3
 @RayenebowSkittlesOwnU RAY BEAR!! :D 100% pure awesomness except when he messes with my pets -.-"
 @XxHiddenShadow A straight up awesome lady <3
 @xXPrincessxXxSabrinaXx  Brina.. we got swag  <3

Wanna know more? Message me...I don't bite...much ;o


<3 Happy Valentine's Day Rexy <3

<3 Happy Valentine's Day Rexy <3

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For my amazing boyfriend who I love with everything inside of me <3 Happy Valentine's day baby :3
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@TheWayHeSmiles Thanks I hope everything is great with you && your guy :)
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@TheWayHeSmiles Thanks babes I got better right now :} as far as im concern she can rotthen in hell :P
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Awwwww it's over :( I want more this is amazing!
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