Heyyyy my name is Teresa and I'm a proud latina. I'm from Puerto Rico. I'm bi-lingual so feel free to chat with me in either language!! My best friend in the world is First Name Which I Will Not Disclose Alexis Chambers aka Lexi Loo Chambers. Anyways so let me tell you some things about myself just don't suddenly stalk me O.o

1. I LOVE Drizzy Drake OVOXO all day

2. My favorite color is Black

3. I'm crazy

4. I prefer isolation....

5. I am a self~proclaimed misanthrope and Lex is one of the FEW people I can tolerate

6. I like the Glee Project Season 1. Mainly Damian McGinty

8. My fav band is Mayday Parade

9. I HATE Teen Mom but I LOVE Maci and Bentley

10. I LOVE Macaulay Culkin, he's my childhood crush(meaning he was a cute kid like Hayley Joel Osment)

11. I think everyone is a creeper ;)

12. I have OCD so every list I write MUST end on an even number like this one.

My life is hard but the people I love get me through it. I really wish I was nicer but I'm not i'm sarcastic and morbid and I don't generally like people so if you're gonna say something to me don't do it with an attitude or there will be a BRAWL online or on the street I don't give a damn!

Lexi_Burns_Red ~ My best friend, my sister, my other half, I LOVE her soooo much

Jerichi~ Lexi's wattpad bff & a REALLY nice girl

Other Wattpaders~ can't remember your watty names but if you're one of the few ;*
My favorite Quotes/Lyrics are:

"Everybody talks and everybody listens but somehow it's the truth that always comes up missing"-Drake

"Second chances never matter people never change!" Paramore

"Why you looking bitter? I be looking better, type of bitch that makes you wish that you ain't never met her!"-Kreayshawn

Adios chicas y chicos if I have anything else to say I will don't you worry!!!!
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    I'm in Miami Bitch
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Description: Kyler Davenport is the lead singer of the hottest band around, High Resolution. Now that he's famous he's finally ready to make good on a promise he made a few years back, and that is to go back to Clearview Camp for Troubled Youth as a mentor. With...

xXBaddestBitchXx commented on Caine - Chapter 32

@flicky1 I meant everyone is treating this as an isolated incident. This has suddenly changed everyone's opinion of Caine and now Charlotte's almost like absolved of all of her mistakes in the relationship. As an alpha, he needs to put his pack first and Charlotte as luna is supposed to do the same. Theo might've gotten caught in the crossfire but that's how their relationship works because they aren't very good mates to each other in general, most likely due to their own histories. Anyways back to my original point Caine isn't completely responsible
xXBaddestBitchXx commented on Caine - Chapter 32

I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the guys that were bringing crate after crate filled with the Knight Pack Wolves that had been imprisoned in our pack. Caine had killed them. He’d killed them al...
I love how everyone blames it all on Caine and Charlotte suddenly becomes an angel lmfao