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Forever and Always <3 ~ By Lou

Forever and Always <3 ~ By Lou

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Letters <3 ~ By Liam

Letters <3 ~ By Liam

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Love ~ By Liam

Love ~ By Liam

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Broken ~ By Zayn

Broken ~ By Zayn

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These 2 girls followed me home. My mom was waiting outside of the house for some reason. When I walked up the front steps the 2 girls said some curse words to me then to my mom. I got angry and cursed at them too. They ran off. My mom was staring at me, surprised. This will probably be going around school tomorrow but no one says shit to my mom. Even if she doesn't love me, I love her. And she found that out today. -Ni
My dad left today for another business trip. My mom is making lunch. I'm going somewhere else so I don't have to eat. -Ni

There's no need for you to panic. You can talk about anything with me. I know I'm barely on and that's my fault. You don't feel beautiful and that's my fault too because I'm not on to tell you just how beautiful and perfect you are. You're a fucking angel, Mikala! Everything about you is freaking perfect! Your hair, eyes, nose, lips, head! Everything! I just want you to believe me. I'm sorry about how other people treat you regularly and now on your birthday. I'm sorry. If I could do something, I would! I would probably be sent to jail but I don't care! I would do anything for you. -Z