Hi everyone, and welcome to my profile. :)
First, thank you for even taking the effort to check my profile.

I choose to stay anonymous, just for the reason that I don't want anyone I know to know I write books. I know it sounds weird and stuff, but... deal with it. :p

I really, really love to read AND write. I hope someone will eventually read my books and that I will be heard in this world. Let's just dream on, shall we? 

Some facts about me:

- Unicorns DO exist and if you try to convince me they don't. I'll kill you.

- I really love candy. My stomach is practically made out of sweetness. That's exactly the reason why I'm so sweet. c: <3

- Milky Ways rule! :D

- I do have some friends, just so you know. Just want to make that clear. :)

- My dream is to become a bad butt ninja. :D

- You're probably going to think I'm weird. Which is OK. 'Cause I am. :D

- My first language isn't English. So don't blame me if I make any mistakes! My excuse is valid.

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