My favorite music are; My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Flyleaf, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Dubstep renditions, Mac Miller, David Guetta, Skylar Grey, He Is We, Tyga, 3OH!3, Maroon 5 and some others. And I am kind of music obsessed and listen to all genres of music besides scream-o... 

My lucky number is 13, because that's the day that my existence was welcomed into this friendly world.

Sophomore in fall of this lovely year 2012.

I absolutely HATE horror/thriller movies. Especially Paranormal movies. Those movies can just die because its too realistic. I especially HATE haunted houses.

I play xbox but really only to talk to people because remember? I'm just a social butterfly over that stuff.

I am taking French so obviously i love french people. And British people. My goal in life is to be best friends with a British because they're cool like that. And Canadians are pretty cool too if i do say so myself.

Um... Nothing can compare to Mt. Dew.

When I'm extremely tired, I say random things in different accents.

Some of the best TV shows, in my opinion are; Rookie Blue, Suits, Covert Affairs, Whitecollar, Psych, NCIS, True Blood, The Newsroom, Common Law, Royal Pains and Pretty Little Liars :)

When i meet new people, I'm incredibly awkward and tend to have awkward conversations... but I have no problem talking to people over like social media and all unless you are a jerk. Then i don't like you. 

I hate all tea.

I LOVE Panda Express and Arby's, they're simply delicious.

I have embarrassing moments by doing stupid shit like tripping or running into things... and yeah...

I edit stories so if you want, message me and i'll edit your story. If you have a specific way on how you write, please tell me and i'll stick to it.

Fan me, Vote, or Comment! I'll read any story that you guys suggest! :)

I have a friend who writes on here to so if you love chai hit her up because she's an amazing author that should be known @yourlilRIOT7
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Description: Yvetta Sudkr is returning to high school for her last year as a senior. Her goal in life is to be involved in the Music Career some how but her first day back isnt a warm welcoming, when she finds that the one she loves is a killer. Her life becomes...

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Hi. I want you to know that I spent like an hour and a half today looking at rings. A particular kind of ring with a fantastic blue stone in it, set in diamonds... Eventually, I'm going to purchase one of those rings. Then I'll drop down on one knee, pour my heart out, and ask you to marry me. You should definitely say yes.... And baby.... I simply can't wait. The day I marry you is the thing I'm looking forward to most in life. I love you so much. All I want to do is spend the rest of my days with you by my side. Because as long as we're together, nothing can ever touch us. :) I love you baby. :) :)