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Narry- Broken Apart

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Description: After cuts, and hiding Niall and Harry from One Direction finally get together. One evening Harry went for a walk to the shop. Ever since that, Niall has been in pain. Liam also has feelings for Niall! But who will win his heart? -Ambie [PG-13]


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Forgotten love- Larry. [Dedicated to lovely02]

Forgotten love- Larry. [Dedicated to lovely02]

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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have a secret. The have been going out, since a month or two into the X...

He wanted to hear the soft heavy Laugh that was followed by a clear indian accent mixed with british accent.
@yasodha_krishnan Muslim is a religion. And Pakistani's and Indians used to come from the same place, until they were split into India and Pakistan.
However, he was born and raised in Britain. So therefore, only has a Yorkshire accent :)