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Name Andrew Fucking White
Location on my knees ;)
Birthday Nov 11
Member Since Apr 13, 2011
Votes Received 5,173
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I'm Andrew Fucking White.
I'm 18 fucking years old!
Been a while hasn't it? 
Pm me or well Inbox me, since the fuckers changed it
Meebos gone now too aint it? Damn 
Age limit to talk to me: 15
14 and under, fuck off.
But it better be fucking interesting, otherwise I won't reply.

Tell me how much you missed me ;)

I'm hyper as shit.
Drugs and Alcohol are my best friends.
Fucked up mentally.
A god physically.
Blue eyes that'll make you jizz
And lips that make you moan

Don't call my Andy
I don't like nicknames
I don't do relationships
I don't do love. 

I hate goodbyes. 

I party a lot
Sleep is rare unless it's during the day
Adrenaline junkie
Fear is only a word

Talk to me you crazy bitches!
Yea I cuss a lot
I can make you smile :) 
I'm funny
But I will tell you everything as straight as it is
Everyone has an opinion right?

I can't live without music.
Possibly broken every bone in my body.
I'm a bit of a whore
I'll flirt with everything that moves
Old people love me
Ignorance isn't attractive.
If you talk to me, you better fucking spell right or I'll ignore you.
I like smart people.

If I don't reply to your message right away, or if I never reply, get over it.
Complaining pisses me off.
Most of the time I don't want to talk to any of you anyway. 

Don't touch my hair.

I don't support suicide. So fuck off. 

You only live once so just go fucking nuts!


His Cigarettes

His Cigarettes

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Emo Poems?? /LOVE/

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50 Things to do at A Drive Thru

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Running From Love (boyxboy)

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32 Things To Do In A Elavator

32 Things To Do In A Elavator

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25 Fun Things To Do At A McDonalds

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48 Things To Do At A Mall

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Emo Poems?? /LOVE/

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Emo Poems?? /LOVE/