S H A R E D  A C C O U N T :3 
      Róisín xD
      Hey Hey!:3 My names Róisín duuh:P 
      From Ireland!:D 
      14 years young;) 
      kinda flirty:) but aren't we all:3 
      Cody Simpson<3 
      Love to talk so hit me up sometime?:) 
      I'm a wee bit shy too:) My friends think I'm crazy O.O 
      I love music!<3 Its actually my life:) 
      Straight but don't judge:D
      I'm in the backround pic!:D I know, I'm ugly:) I don't care:D
      Don't know what to write so PM me if you wanna know more:)
      Fan my own account @RoseyxxxBobo ;D
      Jasmine XD
      Jasmine is my name:3 
      I'm 13 years old;) 
      I'm hypeer fantabulous an Full of love ♥ Tehe XD 
      I'm flirty;D
      You might think I'm nice, But don't get on the right side of me... OR I KILL YOU! Nah, jk I'm not that mean:) Or am I? Nah I'm not:D 
      I love music:3 
      love to talk!:D 
      Straight but I also won't judge:)
      I'm the the DP! (She's sooo pretty! ~Roisin)
      Fan my other account @TheSwagOfAnEnchancer :)
      I Love Greyson Chance! Number 1 fan here!:D
      Music we like ♫♪♫
      Greyson Chance
      Cody Simpson 
      All Time Low
      Jas likes Black Veil Brides, Roisin's scared of them x3
      Ariana Grande kinda:) 
      And Theres lots more xD
      People you NEED to fan!:D 
      @Dead_Man_Walking He is soo lovable! You'll fall in love with him straight away! LOVE YOU KEVIN< His account is now shared:3 
      @RightSide_Up A Shared account he's on!!^^
      @snowflakes10 She's amazing! SHONTE!<3
      @ninjawolfie Random but awesome! She's so nice and she rocks!:D
      @smashgurl16 She is the prettiest girl ever! She's soo sweet and kind! Love you Ash;D AND YOUR SOO PRETTY!<3
      ╚═♫╝╚═╩═╩♫╩═╝ Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance
      ▌▌ PAUSЄ THЄ MЄMORiЄS ☆ 
      ■ STOP THЄ PAiN☆ 
      Want up there then talk to us! xD 
      CYA LATERS! :D
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