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нєℓℓσ ヅ
I'm αмвεя.

sorry for not being on much but i do have a life (even though it may be crap) and school and i can't come on. i apologise. i've been feeling like shit lately and even though i have inspiration to write, i don't have time. i miss my friends that i don't talk to much any more and i miss writing everyday. i'm sorry. pm me or tweet me if you want a better reply. love you all.


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The Bucket List (One Direction)

The Bucket List (One Direction)

6 parts / 9 pages, updated Apr 23, 2014PG-13
{Book 1.5} ''Life doesn't come with a guarantee.'' What if your best friend is going to die in the next few months? You wouldn't just stand by and watch h... read more
8,764 reads votes 339 comments 128
He Broke My Heart (Harry Styles FanFic)

He Broke My Heart (Harry Styles FanFic)

32 parts / 71 pages, updated Jan 08, 2014PG-13
{Book 1} Games are made to be played, but sometimes they take a turn for the worst. "Truth, or dare?" were the words that embedded themsel... read more
416,031 reads votes 6,102 comments 1,488
Tell Me A Lie {A One Direction Fan Fic.}

Tell Me A Lie {A One Direction Fan Fic.}

31 parts / 72 pages, updated Jun 30, 2013PG-13Completed
"Life's a bitch, you gotta go out and kick its ass." Riley is the definition of any school's bad girl. She does what she wants, to who she ... read more
268,746 reads votes 2,594 comments 860
Cold Coffee (Ed Sheeran Short Story)

Cold Coffee (Ed Sheeran Short Story)

10 parts / 10 pages, updated Jun 02, 2013GCompleted
One coffee shop, two cups of coffee and three days is all it takes to fall in love. All Rights Reserved © xAmberr_1Dx
36,019 reads votes 815 comments 198
It Has To Be You {The Sequel}

It Has To Be You {The Sequel}

35 parts / 87 pages, updated May 25, 2013PG-13Completed
{Sequel to It's Gotta Be You} "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Reece and Zayn have figured it out, and they'... read more
238,072 reads votes 3,040 comments 1,256
It's Gotta Be You {One Direction/Zayn Malik} EDITING!

It's Gotta Be You {One Direction/Zayn Malik} EDITING!

31 parts / 96 pages, updated Jan 19, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
"Life is a funny thing. The moment you think you've gotten everything right, something comes along and turns it upside down" ... read more
1,198,177 reads votes 6,431 comments 1,481

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