My name is Jeanine Jamal. I'm a Palestinian Muslim living in New York. I'm a creative writer for teens/ young adults and my main genre is romance. I like to write stories of Palestinian Muslims, and I like to tell people the truth about what goes on in Palestine. So follow me, you won't regret it. Read my stories, and tell me what you think. 

"Dear USA, your 9/11 is our 24/7, sincerely, Palestine."
"People used to say Palestinians fight like heroes. Now they say heroes fight like Palestinians." ♥
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Family Reunion

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Description: Sara Assaf, a young Palestinian grew up thinking she was an orphan but what happens when she's relocated with her family 10 years later? Not only that. She moves to America not knowing anything and graduates high school in the top 10. What happens w...

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Living In A Muslim Household

Living In A Muslim Household

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Meet Daniella Ross, a poor girl who never had a friend in her life, and no family to turn to. She goes f...

Love and Fame

Love and Fame

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Brittany Calasto, or better known as 'Joe Calasto's daughter' was born and raised in Manhattan New York...

You Belong With Me~On Hold~

You Belong With Me~On Hold~

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After going to a club, Jen discovers the feelings she never felt before. At 16 year’s old and getting...

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I walked over to my suitcase and found some clothes. I decided on my nice skinny blue jeans, a white long sleeved polo, and a black sweater to go over it. It was a little thin for the middle of Nov...
Most writers don't see there own mistakes. I do the same thing. It's good to have someone reread your work before publishing with the big guys. I self published and as i was reading the finished book I felt like an idiot. Never going for self publishing again. Haha

My favorite right now are girl: Leah. Boys: Blake and Christian. But right now I'm mad at Blake bc he's pushing Leah away from him. If he keeps it up I'm gonna end up hating him. Least favorite: Leah's mom and Cassie. If Cassie was a true friend she would support anyone Leah wants to date. And for her mom. Ugh just no. She should want her daughter to be happy. Not pushing her away from her happiness. Just no. No. No. I hate the mom the most. And Leah should date whoever the hell she wants. It's her own life her own choice. She shouldn't have to hide her feelings for the one she loves. She should flaunt it. With pride.