Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen.

I'm an adventurer and a wandering soul. My majorest dreams are to be blessed with a job that allows me to travel the world, support our ministries, buy even just a small beach and build a hower (house-tower!) on dat sh~ and have a family. And not just blood or conjugal relations, mind you. [I'm also talking about] Friends! Good friends! Allies! Soul friends! Friends. Real friends.

I'm Asian. I live in a small city in the third Philippine island group (and largest so far =w=). My ancestors were awesome people with a tendency to choose outside of local bounds so this result came out: Spanish-Chinese-American-Filipino-(frickin' posibly)-Japanese. Whoopin' whoopers.

Things I like doing: writing, trad media art, sometimes digital art when I don't suck at it, studying languages, travel, Advencha Timeeee! (code word by two people, for two people), x's (NOT exes), getting/making gifts for people I care about, shopping for books and journals, making my own music, epic memories, poems and poetical works because I'm "sappy" like that.

^Which is why I can sometimes say things like "I'm an artist, I'm supposed to be studying art, wat the heck am I doing in Political Science lol" but then I have dreams, so.

I don't give a rat's ass about social traditions. I'm not an extrovert nor an introvert because I'm a non-trovert; if it's an outside scene in my book I'm a drifter. (Yay.) Greatly repelled by: 1) the "all"-pervading struggle-for-social-domination-and-supremacy scene. It's not ALL-pervading and I don't care ((until my assets are directly affected in any injuring way)). 2) Kanang mga tawo nga magtuyo-tuyo'g himo'g kasakit ug kalisod dayon dili patas ang pag-dala sa consequences. ((Mother tongue para intense!! >:} )) 3) 

**under construction because I suck at bios
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