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Hii!! :)
 im 16 and my world surrounds around my books , chocolates and my wouldn't b possible for me without these 3 (with the exception of my family and friends)

I am a complete movie freak (hollywood n bollywood) n hate emotional moments !!!!
I  just love the books written on wattpad and hope sumday im going to b gud enuf to post my own

I feel that books will b my best friends forever. Whether my friends r der or not my books would always stick with me during my best and worst days

I have started to write my very first story and really hope that the wattpad readers like it as it would be like an accomplishment for me. :) :D

my life has ups,downs and intermediate phases but what one must learn out of these phases is who is with you through it all and isn't.

i am absolutely in love with DRACO MALFOY!!!!!!! I really wished he and hermione had ended up together!!! They would look soooooo cute together. :D does anyone agree??? ;)

I have started a new story and i hope this is something that people like . Ayways does anyone know how to get those multimedia pics onto your story coz mine don't seem to work???

ugh i just hate Twilight ( with the exception of taylor lautner) i dont get it why bella after disobey-ing  her father , falling in love with another species , turning into a vampire  and having a half human half vampire child as she WISHED  will try and attack her "best friend" who imprinted on her daughter INVOLUNTARILY. I MEAN COME ON AFTER ALL THAT SHE HAS PUT ALL THE MEN THROUGH IN THE MOVIE SHE'S BEING SO SELFISH...WANTING EVERYTHING FOR HERSELF. LET JACOB LIVE HIS LIFE LADY.
 i really hate it...( friends keep talking about it so thats how i know soo much)
what do you think  wattpad readers??
ONE TREE HILL <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

i have uploaded a new story "from the beginning " please take a look at it and comment on what you think of it so far




11 parts / 27 pages, updated Apr 02, 2014PG
on family holidays and get-together if there is a moment when the entire family is sitting together one night , gathered for an upcoming celebrations the kids normally... read more
37 reads votes 2 comments 0
Watever life sends my way

Watever life sends my way

14 parts / 14 pages, updated Feb 26, 2014G
Ariana is a normal teenager with friends , amazing parents and an amazing life.But what will happen when she has to leave this wonderful life in her birth place ... read more
476 reads votes 14 comments 17
Once In A Life (A werewolf story)

Once In A Life (A werewolf story)

16 parts / 20 pages, updated Jan 15, 2014
Kylie is just like any normal teenager, or so the people think. She has her set of secrets that she doesn't want anyone to find out. But what happens when ... read more
818 reads votes 27 comments 12
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thanku so much :D
Once In A Life (A werewolf ...

@theAestheticDreamer Hey!!!! thx a lottttt!!!!! u doing this means a lot to me and im glad that u liked it :) i will surely make the corrections...
Once In A Life (A werewolf ...

hey thx for dedicating it .....its gr8 ...cant wait for part2 and one more thing skool comes first ;) i can wait for the update ;) thx again
A Bit on the Wild Side

@Chrisyke hey xams went really well and i know u didn't mean it wrong...chillax :) :D
Once In A Life (A werewolf ...

@Chrisyke @Chrisyke thankyou soo much for following and reading my story . It means a lot. i'll try to make the next chapter long. The thing is i...
Once In A Life (A werewolf ...