Hello =D I love animals!!! I have 2 cats but I want a dog. If I write stories on here they will be romance and will have werewolves or something. I love wolves and werewolves so I guess you can say I like the twilight movies. I'm working on a book and it will most likely be a Jacob Black love story lol. Love him!!!! Anywho I like bright colors, NCIS, Criminal Minds and Bones. Well I can't think of anything else so hope you like any books that I happen to post =) peace out!
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Jacob Black love story (real name unknown for now)

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Description: Jasmine Rose Frost was attacked by werewolves when she was 7. Her parents were killed but she was saved by a strange werewolf. She changes over the years and at 17 goes to live in La Push with her uncles best friend.