HI peoples!! My name is Rach and I am a creative writer/artist. 
I've written several poems, and I'm currently ATTEMPTING to write 3 books and a little humorous Redneck guidelines book. I'm a painter. 

I'm a music fan of...
Beth Hart
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Steely Dan
Five Finger Death Punch 
Three Days Grace
~Some of those might be a little heavy for a girl like me, but eh what the hell.

I'm a BIG fan of...
Robin Williams
Cary Grant
Vincent Price
James Stewart
Sean Connery
Steve McQueen
Hugh Jackman
~They are my FAVORITE actors. I was raised on the classics. ;) 

*Calling all comrades of LOTR and The Hobbit of Middle Earth. I've created a roleplaying site that I am willing to allow others to participate in. However, when you do join, please read the rules carefully and always act civil and mature to one another. Be respectful of others.
Here is the link, join away: http://thehalfworld.boards.net/

Some AWESOME peeps to fan!!!!  
((will add more, but those are the only ones that pop into my brain)) ^_^

I hope you guys read/ comment/ and vote on my Works; it really means a lot to me. 
If you fan me, I'll fan back. I'm just that nice of a person.

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---[]--- Christianin
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The Princess and the Dragon

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Description: Prince Rain-forth, also known as Rain, of Lepin has been eager to meet the Princess Irene since he heard about the goblin incident that happened at her castle several years ago. But dragons have threatened his land; and his father has sent his only...

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My Memories Lie With You

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To those that read MLWAAP, FOR ONE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! Haha. Second, I'm working on a few chapters at a time, so hopefully I can bring Chs 4 and 5 up quickly.  Ya'll may be in for a bit of surprise. ;) BUT! I must keep silent.