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My profile pic is actually a famous picture of my grandmother taken in 1947. She passed away on Christmas Eve 2012. I love and miss her so very much so it is in memory of her. I absolutely love too read and I also enjoy writing. One day I may develop the nerve to post something. Until then I will enjoy all of your imaginations and the wonderful stories that you write. And I know my name is spelled incorrectly..at first it was a typo..now its just me.


would you?

would you?

1 page, updated Jul 20, 2014
If you had the option of changing your start in life would you?
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A Sensual Moment

A Sensual Moment

1 page, updated Sep 28, 2012RCompleted
A very short story about a moment in time that became more than expected.
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Monsters In The WoodsThe side Effects of being us- The sequel to The side Effects of being Ellie.Monsters In The WoodsMonsters In The Woods

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As always impressed and anxious for more. I love that she hasn't played the poor poor pitiful me character now only if Henry
Chance Encounter

If I have a heart attack because of all the cliffys you're paying my doctor bills... Seriously though I can't wait to see what happens next.
True North

Beyond great chapter I'm definitely going to be "drooling at the bit" for the next one.
The Taking

I even felt "relief" with that chapter LOL. And while I believe Rage isn't the most observant man out there... I still think his heart is in the...
BBSF - Restricted

She is even more evil than I imagined.
His Dominion