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My profile pic is actually a famous picture of my grandmother taken in 1947. She passed away on Christmas Eve 2012. I love and miss her so very much so it is in memory of her. I absolutely love too read and I also enjoy writing. One day I may develop the nerve to post something. Until then I will enjoy all of your imaginations and the wonderful stories that you write. And I know my name is spelled incorrectly..at first it was a typo..now its just me.


would you?

would you?

1 page, updated Jul 20, 2014
If you had the option of changing your start in life would you?
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A Sensual Moment

A Sensual Moment

1 page, updated Sep 28, 2012RCompleted
A very short story about a moment in time that became more than expected.
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Monsters In The WoodsThe side Effects of being us- The sequel to The side Effects of being Ellie.Monsters In The WoodsMonsters In The Woods

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I don't know weather to be upset at you or proud. Either way it goes I am definitely looking forward to reading the rest.
Dirty Lyrics -- REMOVED

Sometimes when people look in the mirror they see their own faults and can't take responsibility for them so it's much easier to blame others....

Perfect ending. I'll miss looking forward to each new chapter so instead i will look forward to more of your stories.
He Came From The Wild

I can see him as my future best friend. I must go out and find a real clone of him!
Where He Stands

Bacon...Nutella is wannabe chocolate...please don't kill me it's just my opinion. I pick the story over both though.
The Other CEO