This is account number two,  @wheadee is my primary one where I post contemporary YA novels as well.
         All novels posted on ‘whitney_dg’ will be in one POV and mostly contemporary YA novels that deal in drama & a little bit of romance. I post here when I get a chance, so updates are not regular unfortunately, note that some works may include strong language and some reader discretion is advised but overall I am a PG-13 writer.
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Tripping Over You

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Description: Just about every teenage girl on the planet is in love with Tripp Rivers, from his dazzling smile, to his intense eyes, and to his sultry voice he is the total package. Every girl loves him, and every girl would die to meet him…except Chloey Becke...


I started this story based on a little contest Wattpad threw with Lisa McMann a few years ago. So I owe Wattpad for this story. Because of the contest, I got to meet some of the most amazing characte...
I can't say I'm obsessed with Justin, but I do love his music and Christian is my fave actor, I love him! If Badge & Honor were a real movie, I'm sure he'd kill in it
Hey guys, if you liked Tripping Over You, perhaps you will like the Ups and Downs of Falling in Love along with Not Quite Fifteen on my main account  @wheadee
cutiepie468 posted a message to whitney_dg
I just finished reading your book 'Tripping over you'. It's totally awesome. I was so hooked that it only took me few hours to read the whole book. Looking forward to many such awesome books!!!  :)