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◀                                     Artistry is the most important thing.

     The names Annabel. Nice to meet you. I'm anything but regular, even if I may seem like I try too hard. Being lonely is my main problem, but I ignore the thought of it. I can't stand running but I like to go on long walks and find "secret" locations. My biggest wish is to have friends. Whenever Arctic Monkeys comes on I slowly die inside because I love them so much I cannot explain. Sadly, I'll be in California at American Ballet Theater when they come to perform where I live!!11!! *le cry*

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How To Write a Good Story

How To Write a Good Story

9 parts / 12 pages, updated Apr 15, 2014PG-13Pictures
Ever wonder how to get your reads, votes, and fans up? Do you want to improve as a writer? I'm here to help you!
3,494 reads votes 105 comments 47
Small Flaw (Harry Styles)

Small Flaw (Harry Styles)

6 parts / 13 pages, updated Apr 07, 2014PG-13Pictures
I love him, I really do. I never meant for him to find out - in fact, I completely forgot I signed up to be Harry Styles' girlfriend. It finally started to feel l... read more
266 reads votes 25 comments 13
Sweets and Sour Moods

Sweets and Sour Moods

5 parts / 8 pages, updated Apr 06, 2014PG-13
If they had met at school, they would talk behind each other's backs and shoot bullets through their souls. If they met at a coffee shop, they wouldn't even acknowl... read more
76 reads votes 7 comments 4
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I'll add that to the list :)
How To Write a Good Story

Haha, I'm so glad I can help!
How To Write a Good Story

@Nalitie Mind used to but he would always get sick xD
How To Write a Good Story

@_1dsparkles That's great to hear!! Thank you :)
How To Write a Good Story

@_1dsparkles I will be glad to review your book for you! Also, sorry for responding so late! I've been so busy and I just saw this now. Thank you...
How To Write a Good Story

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