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Well I'm me I suppose...

I'm not weird or eccentric because being me is normal, so please don't listen to the others their definition of 'normal'  is kind of different than mine... 

Things you should know about me-

1. I love reading, if I get paid for every book I read Forbes would have me on their cover

2. I'm very forgetful about trivial details like people's names. After a period of time if your an acquaintance (not friend come on! I would never forget their names like umm... Yeah their names... Ummm XD just kidding !!) of mine you tend to get over me addressing you as "hey red shirt STOP!" or even snapping my fingers in front of you while I scrunch my face and say something like " you're right... Umm ... Ummm person" I know it's rude but it's a hereditary symptom... Sigh... I'm still under treatment.

3. If I ever go bankrupt it's because of stationary. I just LOVE amazing stationary!!! I even have this fantasy of mine to get locked up over night in a mall in a book store or stationary shop *drool*

4. I have a wicked temper. Let's just leave it at that.

5. The worst thing you could do to me is interrupt me when I'm at the climax of a novel. THE WORST!!!! 

6. I tend to space out sometimes and stare at nothing in particular without realizing what I'm staring at. A tendency that has produced a lot of embarrassing memories.

7. I'm the girl at the movies who'd at a cheesy moment say something like " Woah this is so cheesy!" but i'd be saying this with a smile while I rummage through my bag for tissue papers.

8. I have zero tolerance for the phrase " chop" or "you got chopped". My brother has ruined me for life.

9. I can't stand people who try to keep a conversation or desperately try to get a laugh out of a crowd at someone else's expense. If you're making fun of someone who's not part of this conversation and isn't laughing- I'm walking out. And also don't forget to get a life.

My ambition on wattpad is to make people smile. So please do.


Public Enemy

Public Enemy

4 parts / 15 pages, updated Feb 20, 2013PG-13Pictures
“How about I hire you to be my fiancée” “What?” I look at him as though he’s off his rocker. “That’s insane! People don’t go around hiring fiancées. Besides why would you pa... read more
1,668 reads votes 71 comments 20
Cry Of The Phoenix

Cry Of The Phoenix

1 page, updated Oct 02, 2012Completed
This poem is for all those people who have ever been betrayed... For people who have been robbed of their honor... For all those naive souls who have been forced to gro... read more
266 reads votes 20 comments 14
How To Steal A Billionaire (On Hold)

How To Steal A Billionaire (On Hold)

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Oct 02, 2012PG-13
Genie Maddox is in a lot of trouble. She's broke. She's fey. And now she's a felon. Yet she doesn't realize exactly how deep in trouble she is till she discovers that the furious man she 'mistakenly' abducts also happens to be a cursed immortal...
1,760 reads votes 40 comments 13
Halo Or Horns? (Only Ten Chapters)

Halo Or Horns? (Only Ten Chapters)

15 parts / 34 pages, updated Mar 26, 2012Completed
What do you do when heaven and hell are fighting over you? Simple. You wreck your life further by joining a human high school. For Arabella life is not sim... read more
55,477 reads votes 1,321 comments 241

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Prince and the pauper is mandatory reading for twelfth?? I read it when i was in sixth grade (leisure reading) and even then i thought it to be...
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@lulalalala @LaBelle @wondercity @anthea129 @XxgirlxX @cupcake8564 thank you for ur comments and i've uploaded!! @ayrawwr Awwh thanks :)...
Public Enemy

Hilarious! Okie's character seems so real, it feels like I know her...
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@kittywitty202 awwh you're sweet :D
Cry Of The Phoenix

@matthewhk i'm sorry if you didn't enjoy the poem but this was the first ever poem i had written, i wrote it about two years ago and just...
Cry Of The Phoenix