Hey, I’m Monica. I'm a junior in high school. I think that life’s the best thing that could happen to anyone. Take the moment to thank God your mom said YES to life! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading about me! :D
Bands: Mayday Parade, All Time Low, The Maine, anything that genre
Books: HARRY POTTER! Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, The Book Thief, The Outsiders, Tex, Our Only May Amelia
Movies: Lord of the Rings, Batman, Tangled, anything Disney really, Red Dawn
Sports: Cross-country and track
Birthday: Feb 13. I was born on Friday the 13th, cool, no?
Fav quote: "There are people who go and people who stay" - Tex, by S.E. Hinton. And I'm one of those that's going. What are you?
Some random facts:
-I’m a strong Catholic. People often don't get our beliefs, so ask me anything if you like!
-Go stalk my best friend squirreleydoodle; we’ve been inseparable since we were 8
-I’m the world’s lightest sleeper
-I think I'm ADD...I’m that idiot who always asks irrelevant questions in class
-I'd die for an Irish accent (or a guy with one)
-My best friend says I’m an abusive friend but I won’t hurt you :D pinky promise
-I go to Hogwarts but don't ask me to prove that. I can't do magic outside of school, not to you Muggles
-I love making lists but almost never complete them
-People say I'm unorganized but I actually operate in "organized chaos"
-Pillows and blankets are the BEST inventions ever!
-I cry a lot in movies and books. A LOT. I’m like a freaking baby
-I’ve a near-photographic memory, very handy for school, gotta say
-Middle child of 7 kids; we've a 12-seater van that my friends call the tank haha
-Give me a Reeses and I will love you forever
-Greatest ambition is to publish a book and work for Disney/Pixar, writing or animating
-Regarding Twilight: did you mean "crap"?
Thanks so much for taking the time to read about me! I’m sure it was worth it :D Please check out my books while waiting for a way more famous author to upload! 
Love y'all!
<3 Monica
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