Just a high school student trying to PR in this race we call life. 

Thank God that your mother chose life, or you wouldn't be able to enjoy the things of this beautiful world!

Cross-country, music, Harry Potter, and all things peanut butter are awesome. And Jesus rocks my world :)

My eventual goal is publication, but for now I'm content with writing when I should be studying. The support on here is unreal and one of the only reason I've kept writing for so long. Big thanks to all readers out there!

"There are people who go places and people who stay." ~ Tex, by SE Hinton
Which are you??
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Agents Allied

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Description: ****Please read the Spies in Shoes series and the Delta series before reading this! Thank you! **** Nat thought that her spy days were over once her brother Jer put a kibosh on having anything to do with the agency, though she was still kinda dating...

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Spies in Saddles [Book One]

Spies in Saddles [Book One]

33.9K 944 186

Nat has always joked about one of her best friends, Molly, being a top-secret CIA agent. After all, it a...

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Off the Field

Off the Field

4.4K 191 70

Danny Cooper only wants one thing in life: to get the chance to redeem himself on the soccer field. He’l...

Spies in Skates [Book Three]

Spies in Skates [Book Three]

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***Book three! Please read "Spies in Saddles" and "Spies in Stilettos" first! :) By this point, Nat thin...

Delta: A Spy Novel [completed!]

Delta: A Spy Novel [completed!]

218K 3.7K 836

♥ Astrid ♥ Gunshots. Karate moves. Flipping through languages so fast that my brain struggled to catch...

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secretlyalice posted a message to vb123321
I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing your books are... please, please check your PM, i sent you a message telling you just how amazing your books are. 

Ahhh such an exciting chapter!!! (though Zach still didn't make an actual physical appearance haha still waiting!!) Just wanted to point out that in the very last lines of the book you said that Millie was whimpering, I think you mean Haylee as the hostage. But great job! And that's super exciting about editing the Model Spy and I'm SO excited for 2 more books in this series!! Thanks for uploading :)
Hey guys! I've got a surprise for you - there's another Spies in Shoes book up!! Actually, it's a little more than that...it's a mashup of Spies in Shoes AND of Delta, so things are about to get crazy. I hope you all enjoy it but I must remind you that there will be spoilers for both series in it - if you've read both, you're in the clear. If you've read only one series or one book or neither, I would suggest you read all 3 Spies in Shoes and both Delta and Omega before reading this new book, which is called "Agents Allied." However, if you're cool with spoilers and everything, feel free to read anyway, I guess. Thanks so much! Have an awesome day and enjoy the new book!!