Hi der.
Can I start just so I can introduce myself? Yes? OKAY NOW.

Basic Stuffs:
Hi! My name is Zhyzhia , everyone calls me Zhia, Zhyann
I live in Philippines it's in ASIA ..(: 
I'm a high school student in St.Mary's Academy of Nagcarlan
I love the subject English :D
Once I turn 19, i'm leaving Philippines and travelling for a couple of years, I might even settle down the U.K
I love to sing,dance,read and EAT!! 

I'm 5,2 almost 5'3 (yep, I'm small)
I have blackish-brown eyes, black hair
I believe that dreams can come true... :D
I also believe that i'm going to date,marry one of the 1D boys ;)
MUSIC is my LIFE, I can't live without MUSIC!!
I named my SPECIAL teddy bear Hazza (Harry's nickname) :) 

One Direction facts:
I've never met them, or seen them in person.
I ship; Larry and Narry  
I love them all EQUALLY, but have a special place in my heart for Harry :D
My stories are mostly all about One Direction :D

My favorite top 3 movies
2.The Notebook
3.Mean Girls 

3 things I HATE
1. Fake people
2. Bullies 
3. Haters

BTW  If you Hate me.I DON'T CARE. I don't give a crap about you. haters gonna hate.I'm nice if you're nice to me.I'm sweet to those people who likes me for who I am not for who I am not.I just wanted you all to know that. Have a nice life bae's.

'I think you have to take for me. I am who I am'- Harry Styles

'A Real Girl Isn't Perfect and A Perfect Girl Isn't Real' - Harry Styles
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A Bit of Love and Hate (Harry Styles Fan Fic)

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Description: Zhyzhia Payne was Liam Payne's little sister and when she went to London on holiday to live with him, things took unexpected turn. Her and Harry have a Love Hate relationship but will it end well? or will it break her heart? Read and Find out....

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