Hey, I'm 18 years old. Born and raised in New Zealand. I just finished my first year Uni. I'm majoring in psychology and minoring in creative writing. 
      I love football, i have been playing it since i was 5. 
      My favorite romance novels are-- The truth about forever, The fault in our stars, Looking for Alaska, Lock and Key,  Awkward, Just listen, So much closer, what happened to goodbye, Boy crazy and Cinderella in cleats etc. 
      I'm a hopeless romantic even if i don't admit it , i am. Although i have never been in love. 
      I love action and sci-fi books - The hunger games,The specialists, The Harry Potter series, Tomorrow when the war began series,The Vampire Academy series and The City of Bones series etc.
      Favorite TV series are-- Covert affairs, Greys, Vampire diaries, Private practice, The secret circle, Hart of Dixie, Unforgettable, Pretty little liars and Ever-wood. 
      Honestly i am obsessed with Greys Anatomy, its not healthy. It is literally my go to series for when i want to just sit in my room or when I'm on my emotional roller coaster that happens every month. Its just ah i cant even. 
      I am really weird, i cant even explain the weirdness that is me. I honestly just burst out into songs randomly and laugh for no reason and just start clicking in class because i felt like it, my friends always just laugh and accept it, thats why i love them, they get me.
      I believe in soul mates and miracles. Its cheesy i know but I don't know i guess i just like the idea that there could be someone out there who is waiting for me.
      I honestly read to escape, it allows me to be anywhere i want to be and not where i actually am.  
      I love music. I wish i could play the guitar, Its going to be my mission to learn how to play these holidays.  I'm in love with Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg, Matt Corby,  Ron Pope, The Beatles, Grace Potter and the Nocturnal's, and lots, lots, lots more.
      And this has started to sound like a dating site thing, so I better stop while I'm ahead :P
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Amazing!!!!! Scott is so dreamy but I just hope he doesn't hurt her like Tristan is currently doing!! I don't know why Tristan would ever want Sasha when someone as amazing as Ari is sitting infront of him, who has the looks and the personality to go with it unlike Sasha hehe. I'm team Scott definitely. The last chapter was so steamy haha loved it!. You're amazing!! cant wait for the next chapter! and I hope all your exams went great!!