"Life needs people, people need chocolate. Therefore life isn't good withought chocolate!!!"

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This Unfortunate Life Of Mine

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Truly Love Me

Truly Love Me

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this poem was wirtten by my great friend Kiki Ray. i put it up here to help her and show her some love.

Journal of Tears

Journal of Tears

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This isn't a story. It's basically a journal documenting my emotions and thoughts. It can be a bit dark...



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This is the my first published work here on Wattpad. Im in the process of uploading another. i would lov...

“That’s great.” He said smiling as he approached Castiel, placing a hand on the angel’s chin and pulling his lips to his and kissing him gently. “I missed you.” He whispered as he pulled...
Disgrace [Destiel] : Chapter Nine

*cries a river that will rival all the rivers and ocean combined*

"So what were you two arguin' about anyway?" Bobby asked Dean annoyed, "You sounded like an old married couple."
Disgrace [Destiel] : Chapter Six

Arnt they always arguing like a married couple!! (Wincest scares me a bit)

"Because I'm coming with ya'." He grumbled, leaving the living room as Sam stared blankly at the air, wondering what had just happened.
Disgrace [Destiel] : Chapter Five

Bobby is like the best friend/father/mother in this. He's soo damn supportive I get feels just hearing his name!

"Imagine what they'll do to him." Dean muttered. "Imagine the agony the will put Cas through. First, they'll rip him from his grace. The fall, oh the fall. Then, they will introduce him to human emot...
Disgrace [Destiel] : Chapter Five

THE FEELS!!! OHHH NOT A GOOD FEELING!! *rolls around on the floor*

“Yes?” He asked. Dean motioned with his hand to come closer, so Castiel abided. Dean pulled Cas by the hips and softly placed his lips upon the angel’s, ignoring Sam’s pleas to “Get a room...
Disgrace [Destiel] : Chapter Four

Gotta start sometime right!!