Hi, I'm Shay and I'm a girl fyi. 

I don't reply to posts on my message board, but I do read them all! If you want a reply, please send me a PM

Due to my schedule, I do not have time to read other peoples' works so please do not ask for me to do so. However, I can answer any questions or give advice to anyone that asks!

Thanks a ton for all that you do, you guys are the best :)
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The Theory of Affinity

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Description: Affinity: A spontaneous or natural attraction to someone. During the adolescent years, a single name begins forming on the arm of every person in the world. That name signifies your soul mate—your match. The strange phenomena gives everyone a chan...

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Playing His Little Game

Playing His Little Game

1.4M 21.9K 3.2K

It's a bet. Melody Evans is a mature, smart girl while her best friend, Noah Freely is a conceited pla...

Secrets can Kill

Secrets can Kill

61.6K 1.7K 221

Murder. Tears. Questions. When baby Lily goes into Molly's custody after her best friends are murdered...

Supernatural Abilities

Supernatural Abilities

581K 11.9K 1.4K

Imagine having superpowers. Fun right? Wrong. Not to Taylor Buckley. She hates what has happened to he...

The Art of Revenge

The Art of Revenge

1M 17.5K 3.8K

After being cheated on, Peyton Brandt feels like crap. She goes the whole summer in her house only survi...

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wiikiw posted a message to upthere
Hi! I love your books. You'r natural writter. Keep doing what you're doing! And remember- you dear are AWESOME!:) 
Kylie_ri13 posted a message to upthere
Hey :) im a huge fan of your books and i just wanted to say that you are an amazing and creative writer, to come up with these stories, simply awesome! "Playing his little game, Supernatural abilities and The art of revenge" *thumbs up* love these books :) Keep up the awesome writing ^-^
aebangs posted a message to upthere
Hi I love your book supernatural. I'm think about writing a book called power can I have the same plot as your book. But different characters and stuff like that. Basically the same back story as my characters parent dead but instead of her mother it would be her father. 
Piper86 posted a message to upthere
hey upthere i read like all of your books i have every single one of your books i love your writing#Piper86
(Following last comment by me) I seriously recommend your stories if your looking for AMAZING reads. Thanks for bringing me back to living to read as much as I did before I read all the good books in my library. If there's anything I repeat, anything I can do to help, just message me. I will reply as soon as I can