Status: SOo sorry about saying I'd update soon. Thought I had more time than I did, I guess. Will put next chapter up as soon as I get the time x (10 months ago)


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♥Right, so first of all, I'd just like to thank all of my amazing fans for their constant support and feedback. I'd also like to thank anybody who has bothered to take the time to read my story ( and voted - it really means a lot to me and all of the comments left have really been appreciated. 

Also, if any of you guys haven't had a look at my new hunger games fan fic - 'Crippled' it would really mean a lot. I'm debating whether to keep it as it hasn't really taken on, to my disappointment :( Any votes or feedback on it at the moment would actually really make my day :)

About me? I... well, I don't really...

-Hunger Games - who doesn't? Therefore: 
.Glarvel (naww adorable, much? read my story, kay?) 
.Gladge (sweetest thing ever, although nobody seems to agree :/ hmpf. shoot me a message fellow gladge shippers. I will find you out there!) 
--Les Miserables... e/R. Nuff said.
-Phantom of the opera. Because. 
-Writing & Reading
-Coffee and hot chocolate. With cream. 
-Alex Scarrow, Victor Hugo and Eoin Colfer.
-Food in general, actually. 

I'm finding this difficult.
-Okay, wait : 
.Marmite, peanut butter and cheese and onion crips. Ugh. Bleh. I can't even.... 

Okay, there's me done. I hope you've found that very informative, stalker :) 

Anyways, though I'd like to use up the last of my characters to say one more big thank you to anyone who's shown me support on wattpad. Thankyou! x♥


Crippled - 74th Hunger Games fan fiction

Crippled - 74th Hunger Games fan fiction

5 parts / 12 pages, updated Sep 15, 2013
The boy with a crippled foot was a tribute in the 74th hunger games. The boy with the crippled foot was from district ten. The boy with the crippled foot never returned home. He was killed. And this is his story.
916 reads votes 64 comments 50
They call me Marvel - 74th Hunger Games fan fiction

They call me Marvel - 74th Hunger Games fan fiction

8 parts / 7 pages, updated May 10, 2012PG-13Completed
Marvel Pedanski. The boy Katniss killed. The boy who killed Rue. Everybody has a story.
28,468 reads votes 742 comments 278
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Why thank you! You're amazing aha. I think I've lost quite a few people who were originally reading this because of my slow updates :/ I really do...
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Very interesting so far :) Looking forward to see another chapter - your storyline has a lot of potential :D Watch out for grammar at times, but...
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No it's not! Thank you so much for all of your support - it means a lot, and I've just updated the next chapter! :) I'll also give your story a...
Crippled - 74th Hunger Game...

Aha thank you! Do you? :) Guess you'll have to wait till one of my rare updates to see how that plays out, sorry :/ Thanks for the comment...
Crippled - 74th Hunger Game...

Wow, that really means a lot! And no problem! I'm super sorry it took so long x
Crippled - 74th Hunger Game...