Hey there,

I'm a person... :)
I live in sunny ol' England, which isn't sunny at all. It's actually full of rain and pretty cold most of the time but hey, it doesn't really matter to me. At least in England we're not all sweating like crazy because of how hot it is - though that does happen in the summer and to some people it's probably not even that hot. I go to school *shock horror* I know, school... how do I get through the days?  And, I probably won't be on here all the time... but whatever, we all have lives.

I know I haven't told you much, but I'm not about to tell everyone who  looks at my profile everything about me. Who knows what might happen.

If anyone would like an editor, I am available to edit. I love to edit stories :D Just send me a message!
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Description: This is not a romance novel. This is not an epic fantasy novel. In fact, it’s pretty much a genre-less novel. This is just a story. About the five of us: Jez, Sam, Caz, Andy and me, Cat. This is just another average story about five teenagers at...

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