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【 Writers】

Sheena (crimsonnebula) - A 29 year old Filipino who loves to gnaw her heart out on gummy bears and the author of books; "Hey Mr. Gangster" and "My Benefactor."

Tara (xangelsmomx) - Mother of three kids, a true southern belle that is known for sarcasm and quick wit, loves College basketball (UNC Tarheels baby) and USA soccer, and  can't live without morning coffee. Stories written that are complete:  "Far Away", "When I Look at You", "The Wildflower", "The Chains that Bind", "Learning to Love Again"

Sierra  (SheMakesTimeDisapear) -  a redheaded spaz who loves Star Wars. Loves to write. It's as easy as breathing. Her life support is Juice boxes. Written a few books, but only finally started putting them up- One Bite Is All It Takes and If It Were Me. Be Beautiful.

Audrey (TheAudOne) - Crazy and the youngest of the batch of writers, though the middle child of six others. An emoticon addict,  feels emotionless otherwise--thus working on it.  Complete stories are; Out of Reach, Fairytales Aren't Perfect, One and Only, and A Choice. Without further ado, Stay golden pony boy. 


Alexandra (Sephira)

【Creative Art Team】

Duchess (dvkesa)
Susan  (Spicychic18)


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Trust Fund Babies | Season One

Trust Fund Babies | Season One

16 parts / 143 pages, updated Aug 11, 2012RVideoPictures
All over the world, people die. But what happens to their worldly possessions? Well, that’s where the Trust Fund thieves come in. Two opposite gender teams tra... read more
42,572 reads votes 762 comments 190

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@Faith786 Holy crap, I JUST GOT what you meant. And when it's referring to emerald green, he's thinking of Terra. XD I just got that, I am so...
Trust Fund Babies | Season One

@Faith786 @Faith786 It says in the chapter who he is. He's Peyton, Nuncio, the leader of the New York Mafia's, prodigy.
Trust Fund Babies | Season One

@nelly2395 Who knows what'll happen? We like to keep things interesting on the TFB team. Thank you so much for commenting!!
Trust Fund Babies | Season One

@Faith786 Thank you! It has been updated
Trust Fund Babies | Season One

@spunkyromero @_Serendipity @dreamweaver18 Thank you all for being so patient with us. We've all been so busy with our other stories and well,...
Trust Fund Babies | Season One