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Hello :3
I'm Andrea.
Writing/reading (obviously)
Dancing <3
Being a loner ;3
Kellin Quinn <33
And most of all. Coffee. I love coffee it's not even funny how addicted I am to coffee. AND IT'S NOT EVEN THAT GOOD!
Just titting. It's delicious.
I also like monsters, monsters are super delicious nom :3 
If you got me any of those things ESPECIALLY kellin Quinn or coffee. I will be your bestfriend without being paid by your parents.
The boy I have a crush on looks like kellin Quinn. What.
Potatoes aren't that ugly.
Hi. I'm random. 
Lawllzzz...I am the middle child of three...and I have a nephew who is also my adopted brother (long story)
I am the strange one. Apparently I was found in the dumpster with a tail ;3
Sloths <3
Anyways...check out my latest book destruction :) it's a romance/horror.
Did I scare you????
:) if you have any questions just message me loves <3 
Adios (;




3 parts / 2 pages, updated Jun 02, 2013Pictures
Truly. A seventeen year old anorexic girl who has lost so many people in her family she doesn't even cry for them anymore. She's completely numb inside after her younger sis... read more
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Photography love

Photography love

1 page, updated Apr 19, 2013PG-13Video
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Living with the Walker Boys...
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