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Honesty is the best policy

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When All is Lost

When All is Lost

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He was thirteen when his parents died and he was lost. All was lost. And he didn't know how to live his...

The worl is a whole new place.

The worl is a whole new place.

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When we were young kiss we were taught the solar system from the sun to Pluto! We thought earth was the...

The day the lock changed

The day the lock changed

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Need help finding a book

Need help finding a book

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I left damp kisses down her smooth skin, placing my hands on her bum. My eyes trailed down to the drain absentmindedly, cringing when I saw blood. I squeezed my eyes shut, my heart tugging as I thoug...
Heat is essentially a wolf period, actually it is 
      Dogs/wolves have a thing called heat which is their period. It's the only time of which they mate and fall pregnant.
trublemakr commented on MUST READS ON WATTPAD - Distance

So I know you aren't a search book 
      But you seem thread a lot and have a lot of different opinions on books I was wondering if you've ever come across a book 
      About a boy(I believe to be 16)who had been kidnapped only to break out and then is reunited with his family(his fathers some sort of giant so are his brothers on that side, his mothers some sort of fairy along with his brother on that side) 
      His father and his mother are R enemies he was a peace treaty of sorts, so he's a mix breed.
      I read it a long time ago and then my phone upgraded and I lost it and don't remember the name of the book. But I've been looking for it for a long time. If you have any clue that be great if not that's fine. Thank you for your time.