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I was born, raised and still live in sunny south-east Queensland . I come from a large, wonderful family and live with my wonderful husband two dogs and a cat.  My mother was without doubt my greatest influence; not only reading me stories but making up stories together.

I enjoy travel, boxing, yoga, horse-riding and to challenge myself - this year I plan to learn how to swim properly and hopefully learn scuba-diving as well.  I'm a voracious reader, infinitely curious about many, many subjects and try to learn something new and do something different each year.  I guess my motto would be 'I may have to grow older but I don't have to grow up!'

I've been writing for as long as I can remember including novels, short stories, poetry and a current non-fiction work in progress.  I'm interested in fantasy fiction but also drawn to thrillers and suspense novels with a bit of a twist.

I have degrees in Ancient History, where I specialised in Egyptology, and Comparative Religions, where I specialised in ancient pagan religions. I incorporate a lot of that into my work, using old myths and legends and religious practices.

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A really cool children's story... I'm certain these should really take off!
Jasmine's Dress-Up Day

Wow Thea, very powerful work. Hooked from the beginning. I'd call this a definite must read.
Water Witch:

You've got the beginnings of a great story - you might want to brush up your editing a little before you continue with it. Typo's and grammatical...
Gang Wars </3

Very interesting story. Well done Cheers, Trace
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