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Name Raffy Villanueva
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Tomohawk Facts:

1) I am an aspiring Filipino writer, so all ye Pinoys reading this, please do leave a comment. I would love having a writer friend or two.

2) I am the a fortunate wielder of the blessed mohawk given by the almighty hair goddesses. With the help of my razor-sharp hairdo, I slice my way through conservatism in this post-modern age.

3) If in case you are wondering what my occupation is, I am a proud professional procrastinator. (Hell, this About Me was written when I'm supposed to read a 7 page essay for school the following day.)

4) I am a self-proclaimed Seasonal Writer, meaning I do not write as often as other writers do. I write only during my occasional creative juice-expulsions. You may as well call it a Mental Menstruation.

5) Hopeless Romantic, I am. You, wife-to-be, please stop hiding from me. Papa needs you bad.

6) I am a socially inept human being, aka a gamer. I may not pack a punch in the physical world, but you mofos better watch out when I grab hold of that controller.

7) Dreams fascinate me, especially Lucid ones. Speaking of, I am in need of an Architect, pronto.

8) Normally I reject the act of Follow Hoarding, but in this case, I might just think twice about doing it myself. How else, after all, do I spread word of my works if I only have a limited following?

9) ...............derp.

10) Please do leave a comment regarding my works, whether your comment is a flattering praise or a bloody korrection.
I am a bite-size Magikarp fish in an lake filled with ferocious Feraligatrs. One day, I tell you, I will become a Gyarados and things will be much different than it is today.

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Reaped With Love

Great start. I always love stories wherein death is described as a beautiful experience, rather than the usual shadiness it's associated with.
Reaped With Love