hhhmmm well lets see...am from JA i love my frens they r the best! am a fun jovial person i love to socialise with ppl, love music so much!! I njoy drawing things, i like to give jokes and i luv to laugh, literally I laugh so hard sometimes my heart hurts...........am a straight forward person i hate fake ass ppl am very feisty i can be a really nice person and i can be freddy your worst nightmare lol sooo plz stay on my good side and i like to swear alot ik thats not good its a bad habbit i have; am trying really hard to get rid of it trust me it is not f*cking easy! -.- 

i love to read its my life i read 24/7 until my eyes hurt....not good but i cant help it especially when a book is so alluring u knw it keeps pulling u in those type of stories are usually freaking aaawwssooommeee!!!
I like making new friends and I love to socialize with ppl so chat me up sometimes. :p

F3w things i Love:
- I <3 God 
- i love giving advice to my frens am like their therapist lol
- I am crazy about horror movies love it!!
- I love to prank my frens
- i love to dance 
- i love to sleep my bed is my life lol
- i love to cook an bake runs in the family
- i love to do hair just not mine...ikr
- <3 black an purple 
- i love to make ppl around me happy an put a smile on their face :)
..............yeppp thats me :D
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tomarj18 commented on Kaden #Wattys2014 - Chapter 29

Ffffffiiiiinnnnnnaaaaallllyyyyyy!!!!! Blaine is dead!!! Wwwwooooooooooohhhhhhh!!! I think his death was too easy tho :( I wanted Zachary to torcher him let him beg for mercy r rip off his limbs one by one and let blaine watch him as he eat each piece of is body part ^.^ that would've been epic!!! One down next is mate snatcher (sigh happily) that should be a fantastic day!
:O when blaine kissed Zachary tho!!!! my mouth literally dropped to floor then I busted out laughing talk about unexpected! Bwahahahahahaaaa that shit was so freaking funny! Omg synne u made my day with that one rofl wow that was too great Hahahahaaaaa I love it........idk y evil twin turn against elene maybe elene killed his mate r maybe it had something to do with she sending mate snatcher in the cave idk but all I know his if he thinks he's going hurt kaden mate and get away with it the lords he has a next thing coming because am sure kaden is going mopped his wanna be evil ass with the floor chew him up and spit out his bones then laugh about lmao :D
Ps: great chapter as always my darling synne this chapter was fantastic it gave me life again lol luv u my friend keep up the great work........I hope the next chapter give me wings to fly being that this chapter gave me life lol xoxo