Hello, my name is Lim Shan. 
I'm nineteen this year, and I'm in love with writing. I have always been this awkward, clumsy girl and I still am, but when I write, I feel that maybe possibly hopefully probably, I can be the girl that I can never be. I admire people who dare to express their thoughts, and I can be quite a feminist. I'm a hopeless romantic that never gets over the magic of love, and I believe that if you catch a leaf before it touches the ground, it gives you one happy day. I get influenced very easily in every aspect, save my writing, and I get sad and happy too often for my own good. I love dresses, pianos, stars and castles, and I'm really just an abnormally ordinary girl. I am lost in my own thoughts too often for my own good, and I am extremely blur. I love giving people surprises, and I absolutely adore the connection two people have when they first like each other. I cry easily whether I'm happy, sad, frightened, tired, or just bored with my life. I used to wish I was an actress, and then I learnt dance, and then I was in a band, and finally, I realized that I love performing. I love fairies and fairy dust and bright lights. If you actually read this whole nonsensical rambling, I love you too. I hope my writing touches a part of your heart, and I hope it makes you smile. I know there are books that I have left, and I'm sorry about that. I will try to get back to them soon, but at this point they remind me of a past I can't re-open. I have a new book, and if you read it, I will love you even more. Even more than I already do. 
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