†when oblivion is calling out your name† 
                                                    you always take it further
                                                            than I ever can  

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Description: When the walls are put up, who can get inside? Kelsey Mathers -her mother's maiden name, mind you - grew up in a cute two story house in a quaint little town with her mother, father, and brother. Things went downhill quickly when her father started...

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Saving Grace

Saving Grace

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She was his saving grace. He didn't want to be saved.

In The Dark

In The Dark

88 4 5

Two boys in the woods of Washington. Two girls in the woods of Washington. What IS this monster after? W...

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

169 8 15

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

139 4 3

I blushed again. How many times am I going to do that before this day is over? I looked up again. His sm...

thecrocodile73 commented on Stalked - Chapter 8

(A/N: so I hope y'all like this..oh dear did I really just say that *cringe* Comment and tell me what you think! Predictions for what's next? Observations?)
still working on this story! next chapter coming up in the future :)
Hey there! I just noticed you voted for chapter 8 of my story in progress, Stalked. I want to thank you for voting because it means a lot and encourages me to finish the next chapter. 

Thank you!
Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you voting for chapter 8 of my story Stalked. I'm writing the latest chapter right now and every vote helps me get it done for the readers. 

Thank you so much!!! 
Hi there! Just wanted to say thanks for voting on chapter 8 of my story Stalked. I'm currently working on the newest chapter as we speak and every vote is a huge encouragement to push through it and publish it for you guys! :) 

Thanks so much! <3 
thecrocodile73 commented on Never Have I Ever - chapter 30

"I don't need you to live. Like. I don't need you, to keep on going, and stuff. I could move on, and maybe be happy. Or something." His eyes are so blue, I can't look away. "But I want you. I want yo...
rereading this story and this part gets me every time oh god