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Name Anna (not Annie, Ann, Annabeth, Hannah, or Sue)
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"You call it wierd; I call it being an artist."

"Don't hate on the lovers; hate on the haters"

I <3 reading: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Hunger Games...Virals...Vampire Academy...Kane Chronicles....Lunar Chronicles...Grisha Trilogy...Mortal on...

I also <3 art: drawing, painting, ya know, that stuff. I'm in this academy at my school, like a major, for art, too. My 2nd choice would be creative writing. :)

I <3 the shows Avatar: Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. The anime is awesome (art major!)

I also have a thing for animated movies: i love the graphics of them, especially pixar and dreamworks movies (art major) and they're just dang awesome

I have a thing for action movies. There NEEDS to be more ones with BAMF heroines, plz!!


I also have a weird thing about quotes. Notice the artist-weird quote at the top? Probably add quotes randomly.

AVENGERS ROCK!!!! I could go on abt them ALL DAY. <3 them SOOOO BAD. IRONMAN!!!!!

Im a Sci-fi and superhero fanatic. I recently saw Man of Steel, and it is awesome. HENRY CAVILL THO. LOOK AT HIS FACE.

NCIS is also one of my fave shows. The people are awesome and badass. I want to be one.

I'll fan u if u fan me. Just the way I roll. Please don't fan me to get a fan. Get to know me and stuff, cuz that's just low :P

And I want to put all these things on my profile (ex push-pull door, antibullying, LGBT, etc) but I don't have room. Stupid 2000 character profile! meh. --__--

I have a tumblr!

Me: How do you keep an idiot in suspense?
You: How?
Me: I'll tell you later.
You: Tell me now.
Me: Ok, I'll tell you later
You: No, what is it?!
Me: :)
put this on ur profile if u get it

Daughter of Apollo

District 4


Dhampir at Vladimir's Academy

Summoner of the 2nd Army



SHEILD agent

NCIS agent


Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Juno's Warning

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Juno's Warning

28 parts / 54 pages, updated Dec 01, 2012
The story between the end of the Last Olympian and the Lost Hero. Annabeth and Percy are ready for their future, a bright and promising pa... read more
92,083 reads votes 702 comments 237
The Legacy of the Princess General

The Legacy of the Princess General

1 page, updated May 13, 2012
Princess Alli is the most beautiful girl in the world--but beauty isn't a blessing, necessarily. For Alli, it's a curse. She is judged only on beauty an... read more
87 reads votes 5 comments 2
Mark of Athena: Predictions

Mark of Athena: Predictions

2 pages, updated Feb 01, 2012
Just some ideas of mine that might happen in the Mark of Athena: Note: NOT WHAT MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN IN BOOK!!!
1,097 reads votes 9 comments 21
Devil's Daughters: Diamond

Devil's Daughters: Diamond

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Nov 01, 2011PG-13
This was my first one I wasn't really planning on going anywhere on this Sorry it says PG-13 its just cursing nothing else When fifteen year old Caliber Jones l... read more
85 reads votes 1 comments 3
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@NerdForLife @Saffy1506 @Mangogurl55 @AnnabethPercyThalia haha thanks!!!!! yeah, i havent updated in forever, and @AnnabethPercyThalia im still...
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thats amazing. love this. my hearts pretty much breaking

@HadesChick HE READ THE BOOKS AND DOESN'T KNOW WHAT PERCABETH IS. That's just saaaaaad. Shame on him. :P
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i really like this!!!! i like how its random moments of percabeth!!!!!!! :DDDDD
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